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Why should I consider a custom software solution versus purchasing one off the shelf?
Custom software development means developing software that tight fits the requirements of the clients depending upon their business needs. Unlike "Commercial, off-the-shelf" solutions that change the business process to fit the software requirements, our applications are custom developed to fit your business environment.
Will Inspector work on iOS or Android based tablets?

Not at this time.

Can Inspector produce a final inspection report without connecting to the integrated web interface?

Not at this time.

Can Inspector collect data for a large area like the entire first floor of a building instead of collecting the data room-by-room?


Can the user easily add building materials and building features to the existing lists on Inspector?


Can the user easily add room types to the existing list of rooms on Inspector?


Can Inspector print out inspection worksheets to use if the tablet stops working?

Not at this time.

Does the tablet require user training to use the voice recognition and hand writing recognition features in Inspector?

Yes. For optimal performance, approximately 30 minutes of training is necessary.

Is the tablet computer included with Inspector?

No. The tablet must be purchased separately.

Is there a drawing program included with Inspector?

Not at this time.

Can Inspector be customized to collect data for different industries?


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Our mission is to design, develop and support industry standard insurance inspection programs and other related solutions by merging our knowledge of the insurance industry with software development, GIS (geographic information systems) and web expertise.

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