We are changing the insurance industry.

Mobile data collection systems...

utilizing voice-recognition technologies...

providing field inspectors with answers...

to the ever-increasing industry requirements.

Mobile Data Collection

Handwriting and Speech Recognition

Inspector™ is the latest tablet-based software from Indevcorp that utilizes voice recognition and stylus input technology to improve the way the insurance industry records and reports data collected for replacement cost appraisals and loss control inspections [ more... ]

Customized Web Interface

Scheduling, Intake, Email Notifications

Inspector™ integrates with Indevcorp’s customized web interface to seamlessly manage inspection workflows for both large and small enterprises. Users can create inspection records, transmit and receive work orders, schedule appointments, [ more...]

Reporting on-the-fly

Error-free Professional Reporting

Indevcorp’s web interface incorporates a customized report writing module that significantly reduces the time it takes to write the final inspection report. All data that is collected on the Inspector™ tablet seamlessly uploads to the custom web interface [ more...]

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, develop and support industry standard insurance inspection programs and other related solutions by merging our knowledge of the insurance industry with software development, GIS (geographic information systems) and web expertise.

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