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Our relationships with our partners are always long term under the basic guideline of establishing mutually beneficial bonds. Trust, commitment and quality foster our relationships with our partners in different industries like Geographic Information Systems, Insurance, Inspections, etc. While we excel in our niche area, we help our partners in complementing their offerings, and get their help in providing one-source solutions to our clients. Our strategic alliances with our partners help us in strengthening our capabilities and market reaches. We partner with other organizations with the aim of identifying areas to complement our offerings for our customers.
  • Heritage ITV - Insurance to Value

    Heritage Data Consultants is a Maryland based organization specializing in the collection and review of construction data for historic structures of significance. Heritage utilizes its experience and state-of-the-art systems to provide various professionals with the necessary tools to collect and organize the extensive construction data needed for uses ranging from replacement cost analysis to historic preservation projects. After the on-site data collection phase has been completed, Heritage offers additional services that provide valuable reviews and commentaries designed to aid in the assessment of the collected data.

  • Prestige Underwriting Inspections, LLC

    Prestige Underwriting Inspections is an independent organization specializing in insurance replacement cost assessments for unique historic commercial buildings and comprehensive risk analysis and ITV inspections for high-value residential dwellings

  • Ripsin - GIS & Web

    Ripsin - GIS & Web is a professional GIS and Web development company providing professional, innovative, and creative solutions in geographic information systems and web development with respected clientele in government, public services, and commercial businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, develop and support industry standard insurance inspection programs and other related solutions by merging our knowledge of the insurance industry with software development, GIS (geographic information systems) and web expertise.

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