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Work Order Management & Inspector Assignment Solutions

Indevcorp’s web-based work order management system provides a total solution to effectively manage the full life cycle of work orders while automatically updating the client or underwriter through every step of the cycle. A robust selection of customizable reports allows management to drill down on a wide array of performance and risk related information. Multiple structures can be included in one work order allowing the user to specify inspection instructions for numerous properties that may include primary structures, secondary structures and appurtenant structures. This state-of-the-art application includes an appointment scheduling module that contemplates appointment rescheduling, appointment suspension, automated help requests for problematic appointments, a customizable smart interview to secure critical pre-inspection information from the insured, and a contact report that automatically logs and time stamps all contacts and contact attempts made during the scheduling process. Prior to the assignment of a work order to a designated inspector, special instructions and pertinent files can be attached to the work order. Once assigned, the designated inspector receives an automated notification to login and download the work order to their inspection tablet computer. The inspector’s tablet is now populated with the property information, insured information, interview answers, pertinent files, priority messages, special instructions, and all of the data necessary to manage and complete a thorough inspection.

On-Site Inspection, Detailed Data Collection, & Data Upload Solutions

The Indevcorp data collection tablet is unparalleled in the industry. A robust application packed with unique features that can handle smart data collection in structures that range from a small Cape Cod to a 500 room hotel, or an intricate gothic cathedral. The application actually creates usage specific room types and building features based on the usage selected by the inspector. The Tablet Application is comprised of a work order management interface, a smart interview component, an interior inspection module, an exterior inspection module, a user-customizable configuration editor, and powerful input functionality featuring speech recognition, hand-writing, and stylus input.

This ground-breaking application allows inspectors to quickly and thoroughly collect extensive amounts of detailed information about a building’s construction. Auto-calculated building material percentages and a numerical count of the structure’s features only scratches the surface of this amazing technology. Photographs are automatically uploaded to the tablet on-the-fly using an ad hoc network and Wi-Fi SD card. All photographs and notes taken during the inspection are time stamped and associated with the room or area of the structure that is being inspected. When the inspection is complete, all of the collected data is uploaded to the web application’s report writer allowing the inspector to complete final report in record time.

Report Development Solutions

Login, navigate to the work order and select the Appraisal Report button. That’s all an inspector need do to launch our intuitive Report Writer interface that is fully populated with all the detailed data collected during the inspection. From there it’s a simple matter of unchecking items not to be included in the final report, selecting and ordering the pre-labeled photographs and inputting values. To aid in the valuation development process, the user can run summary reports that list materials, material percentages, features, feature counts, mechanical systems, detached structures, and numerous other data designed to provide pertinent, detailed valuation information at a glance. The user has flexibility to edit and configure the report to create the desired output. With easy to use this technology, report writing time is dramatically reduced, report detail is enhanced, and data accuracy is greatly improved. All while improving the inspector’s productivity.

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